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Is Astrology Scientific? Face Each sign of thirty degrees is divided into three segments called decans decanates of ten degrees, each with its own planetary ruler. This derives from ancient Egyptian astrology, where the zodiac was divided into 36 decanates of ten degrees each.

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In modern astrology, each decan is divided into a positive active and a negative receptive face of five degrees, expressing the polarity of the planetary ruler of the decan. Thus, according to Alan Leo, each sign has six faces, three positive and three negative, depending on the rulership of the decanates. Decanates themselves are also regularly referred to as faces, especially in traditional astrology, so many astrologers use the two terms interchangeably and do not consider the so-called positive and negative approach to faces. Fall A planet is in fall when placed in the sign opposite to that of its exaltation.

A debility. Eros was lifting a girl onto his back: Europa. Hope sole remain'd within, nor took her flight, Beneath the vessel's verge conceal'd from light. Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Life will take its toll on all of us. Aishwayria Rai. Goddess Mythology Mythology serves as a psychological record of human development recording the imagination and symbols of the culture. Mythic stories speak to the inner life as they deal with universal themes and truths illustrating the archetypal forces that influence the course of the human drama. In archaic societies myths offered an explanation of the world and its creation, the cycle of birth, growth and death, how things came into existence as well as how they disappeared.

In contemporary times we have scientific explanations for many of the ancient mysteries, but myth is just as valuable to help us to imagine our own origins and invest our lives with meaning. Mythic themes stir the imagination and broaden the horizon of the individual's story placing it in a context of a larger story.

Athenas web astrology

Mythology is the link between the magical phase of being when consciousness participates in nature and the rational phase when we are separated from the natural world. The magical phase embraces the culture of the Great Goddess when life is full of mystery and wonder and we are one with the natural order, not separated or expelled from it. In this phase all nature is sacred as all life is invested with the divine. The asteroids are surrogates of the Great Goddess and reconnect us to her culture. As emissaries the asteroid goddesses and heroines invest life with the sacred, value imagination and mystery and inspire ritual and sacrifice in order to reconnect to the wellsprings of her magical forces.

Following is a summary of their genealogy and mythic tradition.

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Let the myths resonate with your imagination and speak to you in their own way. The Roman goddess Ceres is also known as Olympian goddess, Demeter. She is the daughter of the Titan Cronus and Rhea and mother of Persephone. She is the Corn Goddess who personifies the agricultural cycle of fertility and harvest, as well as loss and renewal through her daughter Persephone. The Olympian goddess Pallas Athena was a daughter of Zeus, born from her father's head after he had swallowed Metis. The Romans referred to her as Minerva.

She is revered as representing the wisdom of reflection and strategy. The Roman goddess Juno is also known as the Olympian goddess, Hera. She is the goddess of Marriage and Social Customs who oversees the seasons of a woman's life. She is the daughter of the Titan Cronus and Rhea and is the goddess of the Hearth who embodies sacred space. However, all of this is about to change and the world is about to feel very different as the final astrology of opens doors into a new consciousness and experience of life.

In this episode, Tareck and I discuss the Nodes shifting, Jupiter shifting, and some other cool shit. When Venus starts dancing in the dark, so does our connection to love. The beautiful illumination Venus brings to the sky as the evening or morning star is something so undeniable, so visceral, so captivating, that we realize how much we miss her only when she is gone.

Ancient symbology and story throughout time has tried to capture this rommance humans have always had with this incandescent planet.

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Venus has begun her Retrograde, as of October 5th in NYC correction from recording and we mear mortals walking this earth now start the mourning process of our dear Venus and our hearts. What do we really need and want to feel and experience true authentic love? As Venus will be resting still for her underworld dance in the sign of Scorpio, we have a very unique and distinctive opportunity to meet our ancestors our DNA, our bloodline to see how we landed in the shoes we currently walk. How did our grandmother's experience with love, effect ours?

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The diagram is then used to interpret the inherent meaning underlying the alignment of celestial bodies at that moment based on a specific set of rules and guidelines. The Western elements were seen as the basic building blocks of matter. As if the charge of all those people still praying felt more aligned with what we were seeking, whatever your word for it: divinity, the mysteries, or simply a glimpse at the other side. Some modern thinkers, notably Carl Jung, believe in astrology's descriptive powers regarding the mind without necessarily subscribing to its predictive claims. Set aside whatever you've heard about the upcoming eclipses and have a listen to Gemini Brett as he poetically articulates a beautiful perspective of this monumental astrological event. We value your privacy and will never share your data with anyone without your explicit permission.

Did the call of our grandfather's hearts, create the orchestra of our hearts symphony? We are not at random. We are a collection of stories and experiences that are recycled and handed down generation after generation, creating the present moment. This Venus Retrograde, askes us to listen to the whispers of our ancestors, who gifted us our unique heart. What is love?


This dance in the dark, will lead us to this answer. To support my work, please visit patreon. In today's episode, I go over some of these key elements and how to look for them in your own chart. Join at Patreon. The past few months have been particularly unique, as Mars and Venus have, and will both Retrograde back-to-back. We muse about these transits while enjoying reflection and conversation about our heartstrings, reviewing past transits and being bold. Be sure to listen to this episode and Part 2 on Exploring Astrology Podcast. You can support my work at patron.

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I will also discuss the necessity of support and tribe during these times. The 3rd and final Eclipse of the season comes Aug. In this episode, I answer a few questions from listeners, focusing on the importance of the Sun! I discuss ancient Egyptians Mythology, to inquire, how they may have interpreted these times. I also discuss, how to avoid obsessing over astrology. We are in a time of looking through our personal pasts, and our historical past.

We are being asked to look at storylines which have brought us to this moment and we now have the opportunity, right now, to change them. In this weeks episode, I bring onto the podcast, Cheryl Hopkins of astrologyempowers. Included in this Lunar Eclipse on July 27th, , is not only the Sun and the Moon, squaring Uranus and Jupiter during a Mercury Retrograde and a Mars Retrograde, but it is also highly important to be reminded that Athena, Juno, and Lilith will also highly influence this energy. Thank you for your participation! There were so many fantastic questions!

Ok, ok, ok. It's eclipse season.

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Shit be whack, and things be changing. Every Astrologer has something to say about it What I want to share with you, is my very personal experience of Saturn in Capricorn, Mars Retrograde, and The Eclipses, and how perfectly these transits have the potential to fuck our lives up, to re-route us onto a more appropriate path.

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My hope for those of you listening who have felt a LOT of change is to let you know I see you, I feel you, I hear you, and I am there for you. Happy Solstice! Happy Beginnings! In this episode I take a night stroll through the streets of Cairo, Egypt while contemplating the importance of being in the present moment and finding the beauty in the moment. Be sure to listen around 26min!

It's my favorite part of the episode! And be sure to Subscribe and Review the Podcast. Today is fucking huge! So for this grand and momentous day, I bring back to Bridging Realities, Tareck, my love, my partner and the man I will whisk away to Egypt with. We have an authentic chat about all of these changes and I offer a helpful guided meditation around the 40min marker to help ground you during these somewhat noisy times.

May all the changes happening withi. In this one Dani and I catch up with one of our famous authentic chit-chats and also welcome on to the show her lovely husband and chiropractor Dr. Randall Polgar to discuss their work combining astrology with the field of the physical, nutritional and supplemental worlds.

Astrology AstrologyPodcast Chiroprator Heal. I am honored to have spent time with these men and am grateful for this wonderful send off for my new journey! Often times in Astrology, we can find ourselves overusing our heads, looking to the astrology chart to predict the future and at times trying to control the outcome, especially when we find ourselves in big transitional times.

In Ep. This is a great episode to be seated for, as there is meditation, mindful contemplation and encouragement to be still. When the world outside a. In life, there are moments that sweep us away. Sweep us away and direct us onto a new path. These changes are reflected in our astrology chart by way of transits, progressions, profections and others Understanding our chart shows us how we change and how life redirects us. In this episode, I discuss changes I am going through and how they are reflected in the bigger changes happening in the sky.

How do we learn to balance the yin and yang of life during these transitional times? We are being asked. Accessible Astrology: A Manifesto.