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Sri Lanka occupies a unique location within the equatorial belt in the northern Indian Ocean with the Arabian Sea on its western side and the Bay of Bengal on its eastern side. The region is characterised by bi-annually reversing monsoon winds resulting from seasonal differential heating and cooling of the continental land mass and the ocean.

The results confirmed the presence of the reversing current system in response to the changing wind field: the eastward flowing Southwest Monsoon Current SMC during the Southwest SW monsoon transporting Along the eastern and western coasts, during both monsoon periods, flow is southward converging along the south coast. During the SW monsoon the Island deflects the eastward flowing SMC southward whilst along the east coast the southward flow results from the Sri Lanka Dome recirculation. The major upwelling region, during both monsoon periods, is located along the south coast and is shown to be due to flow convergence and divergence associated with offshore transport of water.


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Higher surface chlorophyll concentrations were observed during the SW monsoon. The location of the flow convergence and hence the upwelling centre was dependent on the relative strengths of wind driven flow along the east and west coasts: during the SW NE monsoon the flow along the. Demand for private tuition classes under the free education policy. Evidence based on Sri Lanka.

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Private tuition classes are growing phenomenon in Sri Lanka especially among students who prepare for competitive national school qualifying examinations. It is one of major education issues under the free education policy in Sri Lanka.

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It can tarnish the real purpose of free education policy. Clinical diagnosis of uncomplicated malaria in Sri Lanka. To assess the possibility of developing a protocol for the clinical diagnosis of malaria, a study was done at the regional laboratory of the Anti-Malaria Campaign in Puttalam, Sri Lanka. Of a group of patients, who suspected they were suffering from malaria, 97 had a positive blood film for malaria parasites 71 Plasmodium vivax and 26 P. There were no important differences in signs and symptoms between those with positive and those with negative blood films.

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It is argued that it is unlikely that health workers can improve on the diagnosis of malaria made by the patients themselves, if laboratory facilities are not available. For Sri Lanka the best option is to expand the number of facilities where microscopic examination for malaria parasites can take place. Risk factors for acute pesticide poisoning in Sri Lanka.

This report describes the characteristics of patients with acute pesticide poisoning in a rural area of Sri Lanka and, for intentional self-poisoning cases, explores the relative importance of the different determinants. Data were collected for acute pesticide-poisoning cases, which were Sociodemographic characteristics, negative life events and agricultural practices of the intentional self-poisoning cases were compared with a control group.

Cases were generally younger than controls, of lower educational status and were more often unemployed. No agricultural risk factors were found but a family history Legal aspects of motor traffic trauma in Sri Lanka. Legislation plays a critical role in regulating motor traffic in a country.

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The Motor Traffic Act of Sri Lanka has undergone many revisions in the recent past to accommodate new provisions to regularize road traffic effectively. However implementation of such provisions is heavily dependent on the rapid and effective action of the police on road traffic offences and awareness and attitudes of courts towards penalizing offenders in view of streamlining the legislation on road traffic.

Interest Rate Pass-through in Sri Lanka. The Central Bank of Sri Lanka has increasingly been relying on interest rates as the instrument for conducting monetary policy. Changes to the key monetary policy variables, the Repo and the Reverse Repo rates, are initially expected to be reflected in the OMO rates and the call money market rates, before being passedthrough to commercial bank retail interest rates.

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It is important to obtain a good understanding of the speed and magnitude of the interest rate pass-through to make timely monet Sociopolitical instability severely affects economic growth in short and long run. This study analyzes that sociopolitical instability measured by proxy measure; annual growth rate of tourist arrivals in Sri Lanka during adversely affects economic growth. Our empirical findings based on ordinary lease square econometric estimation, show that sociopolitical instability negatively and significantly affect economic growth. Reduction of economic growth rate Prospects for a wind pump industry in Sri Lanka.

Since considerable effort has been made in Sri Lanka to develop and disseminate wind pumping systems primarily in the small-scale agricultural sector in the island's dry zone. Through close cooperation with the Consultancy Services Wind Energy Developing Countries CWD in the Netherlands this programme has been successful in developing the necessary hardware but the broad objective of promoting wide spread use of wind pumping in Sri Lanka is yet to materialize.

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In analyzing probable reasons for this, the paper highlights that the basic arguments underlying the origin of the project in , such as foreign exchange savings and local industrial development, became irrelevant to the post political and economic policies of the new government. Thus, the general economic framework adopted in Sri Lanka since does not seem to provide the necessary pre-conditions for development of a local industry for wind pumps. Due to this reason and the fact that kerosene oil used in conventional agriculturla pumps is subsidized, the ability of wind pumps to compete in the wind pump market seems highly constrained.

It is concluded that under such conditions the prospects for the manufacturing and marketing of wind pumps on an industrial scale are not very favourable.

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The nursing profession in Sri Lanka : time for policy changes. We address issues and challenges in nursing in Sri Lanka with the aim of identifying where and how policy changes need to be made. Increased global interconnectivity calls for professional leadership, research, education, and policy reform in nursing as these are identified as enhancing health workforce performance and professionalization, thereby improving health systems.

We draw on first-hand knowledge of health care and nursing in Sri Lanka and a recent survey of nurses at a large urban government hospital in Sri Lanka , followed by discussion and proposed action on themes identified through analysis of published and unpublished literature about the nursing profession. Policy and action are needed to: a establish mandatory nurse licensure in the public and private healthcare sectors; b implement realistic policies to further develop nursing education; c develop a professionalization process to support nursing autonomy and voice; and d promote systematic processes for educational accreditation, curriculum revision, continuing professional development, evidence-based practice, research, leadership, and information systems.

There is a policy vacuum that requires careful analysis and strategic planning by formal nurse leaders. Implementing change will require political and professional power and strategic, innovative, and evolutionary policy initiatives as well as organizational infrastructure modifications best achieved through committed multidisciplinary collaboration, augmented research capacity, bolstered nursing leadership, and promotion of partnerships with policy makers.

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Following are excerpts of the interview done with Prof. Start Date: May 27, Use of HbA1c to diagnose type 2 diabetes mellitus among high risk Sri Lankan adults. It plays a major role in identifying the extent and level of vulnerabilities to disasters within the communities. Three-factor model emerged when dimensions in body image were analysed. We found that 78 of the 95 subjects

Full Text Available Background: Deliberate self-harm DSH is a global problem which has steadily increased over the past few years in developing countries and has become as one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality in these countries. The aim of this prospective study was to analyze the prevalence of organophosphate poisoning among other acute DSH cases admitted to the medical ward at Batticaloa Teaching Hospital, Sri Lanka. We report the socio-demographic, and outcome of organophosphate poisoning.

This study was conducted for a period of three months from April 12 through July 12, Results: Among the subjects, There were 13 Most of the patients were under the age group of years old. Out of 23 patients, there were 2 8. Conclusion: DSH in Sri Lanka is reported to be associated with interpersonal conflict, short premeditation, as well as alcohol misuse among males. Lighting energy efficiency in office buildings: Sri Lanka. This paper describes a study conducted in the lighting sector of office buildings as a part of a broader research study aimed at developing building codes for Sri Lanka addressing lighting as well as thermal comfort in order to optimise the use of electricity within these buildings.

The study covered different tasks performed in office buildings and the optimum lighting levels required to perform these tasks in the office environment in Sri Lanka. Also, it included assessing the visual performance of people involved in different activities under varying illumination levels in a controlled environment and a comparison of these optimum lighting levels with international standards.

It can be seen that the required optimum lighting levels are generally lower in Sri Lanka in comparison to specified standard levels, and this scenario is likely to be similar in other developing countries too. These findings clearly emphasise the need to adopt lighting standards most appropriate to local conditions, in turn helping improve the energy efficiency within buildings. Full Text Available Research methodology is the procedural framework within which the research is conducted.

This includes the overall approach to a problem that could be put into practice in a research process, from the theoretical underpinning to the collection and analysis of data. Choice of methodology depends on the primary drivers: topic to be researched and the specific research questions. Hence, methodological perspectives of managing stakeholder expectations of PDHR context are composed of research philosophies, research strategy, research design, and research techniques.

This research belonged to social constructivism or interpretivism within a philosophical continuum. The nature of the study was more toward subjectivism where human behavior favored voluntary stance.

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Ontological, methodological, epistemological, and axiological positioning carried the characteristics of idealism, ideographic, anti-positivism, and value laden, respectively. Data collection comprises two phases, preliminary and secondary. Exploratory interviews with construction experts in the United Kingdom and Sri Lanka were carried out to refine the interview questions and identify the case studies. Case study interviews during the secondary phase took place in Sri Lanka. Moreover, the data collected at secondary phase via case studies will be analyzed with NVivo 8.

This article aims to discuss these methodological underpinnings in detail applied in a post-disaster housing reconstruction context in Sri Lanka. Solar photovoltaics in Sri Lanka : a short history.

see url With a significant unelectrified rural population, Sri Lanka has followed the evolution of solar photovoltaic PV technology in the West very closely since the s as terrestrial applications for photovoltaics were developed. It was not until that the Sri Lankan government embarked on the promotion of solar photovoltaics for rural domestic use when the Ceylon Electricity Board formed the Energy Unit. In addition, Australian and Sri Lankan government-funded pilot projects have given the local promoters further valuable insight into how and how not to promote solar photovoltaics.

The establishment of community-based solar photovoltaic programmes by non-governmental organizations has developed a novel approach to bridge the gap between this state-of-the-art technology and the remotely located end-users. As in many former colonies, language policy and planning in Sri Lanka has been largely shaped by and continues to be overshadowed by its history of colonial rule. Sri Lanka experienced colonization under three different western powers for over four centuries.

This situation was further muddied by the three-decades long ethnic-based civil war which…. How Old Is Old? The purpose of this paper is to explore why private sector schools in Sri Lanka employ elderly teachers ETs. The study found that the reasons for employing ETs in the private sector schools were shortfall of English medium….

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