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You might also like. You're fairly easy-going, even when you're filled to the brink with emotions. Scorpio, however? Not so much. Expect love interests to suddenly snoop and look for a deeper meaning in everything you say, even if it's not there. However, conflicts likely won't turn into full-blown fights, as warrior planet Mars also enters Libra, which is a sign all about balance and relationships.

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This is a tricky time to engage in a battle of any kind, but Libra will help keep the peace. October is an intense month for relationships. On Tuesday, October 8 , your ruling planet Venus enters jealous Scorpio.

Taurus 12222 Horoscope

Venus is all about love and relationships, and while Scorpio cranks up the heat in your sex life, the sign's intensity can lead to possessiveness. Avoid obsessive thoughts by caring for your relationship using all your Venusian Taurus qualities. Set up a fruit and cheese plate, grab the wine, and invite your lover over for Netflix and chill.

Just make sure to think before you speak. If you've been waiting to ask someone out or get something off your chest utilize the brave energy of the Aries full moon on Sunday, October This isn't a Sunday for worrying about the work week, but if professional matters are on your mind, curate a plan of action. Aries isn't afraid to ask for what it wants, and you shouldn't be, either. Spooky Scorpio season officially begins on Wednesday, October During the next few weeks, expect to dig deeper than usual, especially in romantic affairs.

Taurus Daily Horoscope

Month of Nov Money-focused Venus enters expansive Sagittarius at the Figure out what's really bothering you now, Taurus, before you try to do. last month this month next month. Month of Dec Sultry Venus, your home planet, sextiles powerful Mars on December 3, kicking your love life into high.

You'll learn secrets about your love interests and find yourself sharing some as well. What do you really want from the person you're involved with?